Marketing Analysis- Volcano Veggies

Volcano Veggies

Volcano Veggies LLC is an organic, aquaponic, vertical farm based out of the downtown area of Bend, Oregon.  This revolutionary farm was founded by Shannon and Jimmy Sbarra in 2012 and is the First Certified Organic Indoor Vertical aquaponic farm in the world. They use a revolutionary method of growing that is highly sustainable and has major payoffs. This farm uses the waste of tilapia fish to fertilize their indoor grown crops, and in return the crops clean the water that is distributed back to the tank of fish. This system allows Volcano Veggies to save up to 90% water compared to traditional farming. They currently are specializing in producing basil, lettuce and tilapia. They have established themselves as a high-end organic product and are currently distributing to the local Whole Foods Market, Market of Choice and Natural Grocers. They produce year round and at a 30% faster rate than traditional farming. Also, with traditional farming you are lucky to get a 3-4-crop turnover in one season, but with this hyper farming technique, Volcano Veggies has seen up to 12 or 13 turnovers in a year.  Shannon and Jimmy firmly believe that this is the future of farming and are even looking at selling their systems for growers in the future.

Value Proposition: Year round, freshly harvested, organic fish and veggies grown in a sustainable yet marketable environment. 

A system of aquaculture (raising fish) in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically (the soil-less growing of plants), which in turn purify the water.

Aquaponics is the most efficient and sustainable way to farm yet there are only a handful of these kinds of farm, why? 

It is simply not traditional 
Can seem too complex for traditional farmers
More Expensive to initially start up 


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